A range of services
to suit your needs

We are a Glasgow-based independent company who pride ourselves on customer service and a sensitive approach to your needs. Enquiries of any size are always welcome and we are happy to offer free advice on all aspects of sash and case windows.

We are happy to take on phase work and try our best to meet with specified timeframes. Our projects are completed to a high quality and on schedule.

Value for money is important so we recommend the most suitable choice of services for each individual client and budget.

Main services


Sash window restoration

Restoration of original sash and casement windows can add value to your home, make your windows more pleasant to use, provide less draughts and reduce noise.


Sash window replacement

One of the wonderful parts of the design of the sash and casement window is the ability to replace individual components, making them very economical.


Draught proofing

Our Draught proofing service addresses the commom complaints of sash and case windows that they are draughty, noisy and rattle when opened.


Repairs & Maintenance

We can identify which maintenance needs your individual windows may have and attend to them skilfully and efficiently.

Other services

In addition to the our main services we offer a range of additional sash and case window related services.

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    Double glazed sashes

    Having double glazed sashes is certainly a selling point for your home and a sound investment.

    Double glazing can help to save heat and the planet and reduce noise without harming the character of your home.

    In most cases it is possible for us to help you achieve double glazing by restoring the box casement and fitting newly made double glazed sashes thus saving costs and disruption to the surrounding decor.

  • Painting & Pointing

    Painting & Pointing

    In order to offer a complete start to finish service we are happy to provide an interior and exterior painting service taking your newly refurbished windows to a decorated finish.

    Complete re-painting of internal windows and timber surrounds or colour matching newly installed parts to blend in with existing décor are all possible as well as wood graining/waxing and varnishing.

  • Reglazing


    As you would expect we cover all types of glass repairs and replacements to sash windows. From modern obscured glazing choices for privacy and to compliment modern bathroom designs to safety glass for legal requirements, acoustic glass for improved noise reduction and low e glass for better energy efficiency. We have the expertise to advise you on solutions for your possible glazing challenges.

  • Stained & Leaded Glass

    Stained & leaded glass

    As many buildings have sash windows that contain stained or leaded glass we are set up to carry out repairs to damaged pieces or replicate original pieces. We can even incorporate existing decorative pieces into new double glazed units.

  • Refurbished and reproduction window furniture

    Refurbished and reproduction window furniture

    Where a property has ornate and period window furniture that has perhaps been painted over or is slightly damaged we can dip, strip and polish original handles and produce fantastic results. Many people find it hard to believe that the items we return with in their refurbished state are actually the original ones that came from their windows.

    We also deal with specialist suppliers of reproduction window furniture so that your newly installed or recently refurbished windows are complimented properly by the correct iron mongery.

  • Grant aided works

    Grant aided works

    Our company has worked on numerous grant aided projects within Scotland and has a proven track record of satisfying all requirements in terms of working practices and materials used on listed and protected buildings.

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