The materials we use

The timber that we use as standard is Scandinavian Redwood which is a softwood. The factors which dictate this choice are price, quality, workability and sustainability. Hardwood options can be discussed and priced on request. Softwood comes from the botanical group Gymnospermae (plants that have exposed seeds) and it is this scientific grouping that determines their place within the term "softwood" rather than their physical properties. When weighing up the use of softwood versus hardwood for use in sash windows there are several points to consider.....

Depending on the individual wood, hardwoods can definitely be a higher quality wood but depending on the size of the project the overall cost of using hardwood for replacement windows can be very high. Softwood is a more economical choice and can offer a high quality material at a more affordable price. This is not a choice which is available in all aspects of building but concerning windows it can be just as good an alternative to hardwood so long as it is treated and protected.

There is plenty of evidence of windows that are made from softwood lasting in excess of 150 years where they have been well maintained. For those who live in period properties looking after external paintwork is part and parcel of the maintenance of the building and one of the most important areas of external paintwork is that of the timber windows.

Red pine machines easily and takes paint or varnish very well. This is good for the saw mills and ourselves when it comes to introducing modern developments in terms of draught proofing.

Our red pine is vac aqua treated and comes painted with white acrylic primer as standard.

We only buy timber from companies who can prove their commitment to the environment by demonstrating responsible methods of sourcing timber from well managed forests. Timber's low carbon footprint and renewability make it the ideal material for use in windows.

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